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DMI and Bulldog are the racing component lines of Diversified Machine Inc. Started in 1991, Diversified Machine is owned by Jim and Tammy Haines. They started in a modest two car garage in Lancaster, PA. Jim was a certified tool and die maker whose early specialty was producing equipment in the food processing industry. Together, Jim and Tammy began the journey. In just a few short years, a 4000 sq/ft. building was purchased also in Lancaster. Before they knew it they had a couple employees and a 2500 sq/ft addition. They incorporated in 1997.

Jim was always a “motorhead” and was introduced to sprint car racing by an employee in the mid 90’s. A mutual friend introduced Diversified Machine to Weld Racing. A business relationship was formed and for the next three years DMI manufactured Weld Components and continued to grow.

In the summer of 2001 the decision was made to begin the DMI product line. Jim thought there was a need for high quality components at a fair price. In July of 2001, Dave Ely was hired and assumed the position of sales for DMI Racing Components. The product line was displayed for the first time at the 2001 Performance Racing Industry show. By 2003, demand for the products was increasing and a new 66,000 sq/ft. building was purchased with a vision for the future. New products, more machines and an increased workforce would be the plan. Jim’s innovative ideas along with his employee’s racing experience have helped shape one of the most extensive lines in the industry. In 2004, the decision was made to enter the quick change rear end industry. In just a few short years, Bulldog Rears not only survived, but thrived. Quite possibly the most difficult sector of the industry to break into, Bulldog has established itself as one of the premier rear end manufacturers in the world. In 2009, DMI was named the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Manufacturer of the Year.

While Diversified Machine Inc. continues to be one of the leading machine shops in the Central PA region, the DMI and Bulldog component lines certainly are the focal points. A long way from the Haines’ modest beginnings, Diversified now houses 12 state of the art CNC machining centers, including 4 live tool lathes. Additionally, an EDM machine, CNC CMM machine, gear shaper and various lathes and mills encompass the giant facility. Two ten hour shifts run daily to produce the high quality components.

Diversified Machine certainly has grown and it’s been quite a journey. Jim and Tammy always had one goal; to simply be the best. Through their work and dedication, and some great employees, they’ve not only met their goal but continue to work hard everyday to ensure their company’s success and legacy.

Why DMI Sprint Race Components

2009 Manufacturer

of the Year

Our team is the perfect mix of successful racers and precision machinists. The racers have the understanding and the experience to build and design user-friendly, high performing components. The machinists and programmers have the knowledge and experience to produce finishes and quality unmatched in the industry.

Have you aligned yourself and your team with a manufacturer who knows the sport? Not a manufacturer who is part of the sport, but a manufacturer who is IN the sport.

There is a difference.

Dave Ely handles most of the day to day racing operations. Dave is a former URC Sprint Series Champion and National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Driver of the Year Nominee. Dave’s 20 year sprint car career includes victories with the All Stars, ASCS, URC, ESS, Patriots and the very tough Central PA 410 sprint scene. Dave has been ranked in the top 25 by the National Sprint Car Poll in both the 410 and 360 sprint car divisions. Dave has always been very hands on with his own racing and is always willing to work with our customers to achieve more success.

Another racer in DMI’s arsenal is Adrian Shaffer. Adrian mostly handles open tube rear assembly but also prototypes many of our new components. Adrian not only is a talented driver but an equally talented machinist. Adrian has won in 358 and 410 sprint cars in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Adrian has been submerged in the sport his entire life. He grew up working on racecars, fabricating racing components and learning from some of the best racers in PA.

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Performance, quality and innovation

DMI and Bulldog are at the forefront of the industry. DMI/Bulldog offers reliability and performance second to none. We know that you aren’t figuring out how to go faster if you’re replacing parts. We also know you aren’t making money dropping out of races. We dot every “i” and cross every “t” to try and ensure the parts outperform anything else on the market.

We utilize only the highest quality materials, many milled to our specs, to manufacture our components.

We hold our suppliers to the highest standards for materials. Our skilled craftsman not only produce the components but are required to double and triple check each component for quality and precision as it goes through the manufacturing process. We want every Made in the USA DMI and Bulldog component to exceed your expectation of quality.

DMI and Bulldog innovations have changed the industry. The old adage of “when others ask why, DMI says why not” certainly fits. DMI introduced the first threaded front hub dust cap and has the patent to prove it. Our Strato-Shifter assembly is simple yet innovative. DMI was the first to offer easy one number ordering for complete race kits. We were the first manufacturer to offer replaceable hard anodized aluminum inserts in the torque ball assembly. Our wing valve features flow unmatched by our competitors. Additionally, Bulldog has changed the quick change rear end game. Once again simple but effective measures have made using a rear easier than ever. Bulldog was the first to offer a ready to use rear end. The Bulldog XR-2 was a revolutionary concept to a quick change rear. We were the first to utilize an o-ringed gear cover. Lastly, what many of our competitors call options is standard equipment for us.

Innovation isn’t a buzz word at DMI – it’s a way of life.

Back to Top DMI/Bulldog customer service is second to none

DMI/Bulldog offers the BEST customer service... PERIOD!

If there is anything that you are not 100% satisfied with, we’ll make it right! If you’re having a problem, we will figure out how to fix it. Get in a bind and need our help, we’ll do everything we can to rectify your issue. We’ve driven stuff to a shipping depot, stayed late and worked weekends. We’ve gotten dirty helping change a rear and we listened when you offered a suggestion. Want some help with set-up, give us a call.

While many in the industry don’t get it – we do! It goes back to that racing thing. We’ve done it. We’ve waited for the Fed-Ex truck so we could head to the track. We’ve worked through the night fixing a car. We’ve needed help and someone who we trusted gave us some suggestions that brought our car to life. We’ve had a manufacturer give us the run around. Our philosophy isn’t anything cutting edge. It’s simply to treat others the way we want to be treated. Together we’ll experience success and you’ll let others know that DMI/Bulldog is a company you respect and trust.

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